About Us

El Mesquite is the sister restaurant to Mi Patio, which El Paso, Texas-native Lou Gomez
opened in Ponchatoula a few years back. Gomez moved to Louisiana in the early 1980s for a
job at a chemical plant and entered the restaurant business after retiring from his first career. In
Gretna, with the vision of Leon, Guanajuato natives Nicolas Ortiz and Nephew Gerardo "Pato"
Ortiz they took over a rambling but handsome complex of paneled dining rooms that was
originally Visko's, a popular seafood restaurant. With the great success Mesquite Grill
accomplished, we are proud to serve Mexican food to a larger portion of the West Bank with the
opening of our sister restaurant La Hacienda de Leon in Marrero and have people in New Iberia,
Louisiana experience first hand the great culinary experience of our Mexican cuisine with the
opening of El Mariachi Mexican restaurant.

Our family friendly restaurants and cantinas offer the best Mexican food around. Our
atmosphere is warm and inviting, so you and your family can make yourself at home. We have a
lot of fun here, and we have over ten years of tradition wrapped up in delivering what we believe
is the best Mexican food in Louisiana.

Great Mexican food starts with high quality ingredients and careful preparation. Our kitchen gets
busy early every morning because we start from scratch every day making fresh salsa, boiling
chilis for our signature homemade dishes, slow cooking our lean cuts of beef, chicken and pork,
and then pouring the broth off into our homemade sauces! Makes us hungry just writing about it!
We are grateful for all the help we’ve had along the way. We appreciate all feedback we have
received from our customers and always welcome more feedback and comments to help us
make our restaurants more enjoyable. We hope that you find this website helpful, and look
forward to having you visit one of our locations soon!
El Mesquite Grill Family.